Live at Pasticceria Remondini - 17.07.2015

Live at Galetér - 28.02.2015

Live at Barinpiazza - 17.01.2015

"Le Mercredi du Grenier" Saint-Vincent TermeCafè

Music & Beer Festival 2014 - Marina di Cecina (2/7/2014)

Live at Baita Rio Gorzente (25.04.2014)

Il Messaggero - Live in Perugia at Kandinsky Pub (14.03.2014)

Carlo Pierini - Master Liutaio

Pre-Concert Article by La Stampa (Esattoria, Arona - NO)

Hell goes to the dogs! (Hell Guitars)

…Well to the dog anyway!

This photo is thanks to our friend, Muzz Murray. Muzz is a singer/songwriter based in Italy and performs regularly at clubs in Italy and beyond. I absolutely love this photo! The dog has the old RCA Victor thing going on and Muzz’s ZeroDot matches the sofa nicely.

You can check out more about Muzz and what he’s up to here: